Online Dating Safety Tips

We will check the authenticity of member information, but it does not guarantee or avoid that all members are authentic. To ensure the safety of your online dating, please be sure to read this document when using this website for social networking.

You need to pay attention to the following details:

Don't trust anyone who asks you for money

Some criminals on the Internet fake their identities on social networking sites. Their ultimate purpose is to directly ask you for money, or indirectly induce you to invest in projects or shopping. Please don't trust any rhetoric about money and don't trust anyone who wants you to spend money (even if you've already met via video or in real life)! Be sure to stick to this principle!

Ask as many questions as you can when communicating with your members, and be careful if they are reluctant to answer directly, give different answers each time, or ask you for financial assistance. Be more wary of anything you suspect.

If you are suspicious of any member or a member asks you for money, use common sense and use the "report this member" on the member file to report the member or contact us by email.

Common forms of deception:

  1. Use your emotions. They usually pretend to be businessmen. After getting familiar with or confirming the relationship with you, they will guide you to invest in his business, or claim that their business is in trouble and needs capital turnover, and borrow money from you under various excuses.
  2. Using human greed, they will claim to be the widow or orphan of a politician or rich businessman in a certain country. They have a large amount of property to inherit, but according to the laws of the country where she is (usually a woman, women may be more likely to cause sympathy and reduce their alert), the money cannot be taken out for personal use. The lawyer advised her to receive the money through someone from another country and then transfer it to her account in another country. So she found you and sought your help, she will set aside a huge sum of money as a reward.
  3. Take advantage of people's compassion. They will tell you their sad story, they will talk to you on video, but it is all carefully designed, and they will ask you for money in the end.
  4. Other. To sum up, their ultimate goal is money, if you encounter, please beware! And report them!

Personal information security

Please do not leave your contact information, especially your phone number and home address, in the membership document.

Don't send your personal contact information in the chat message, only provide your personal contact information when your intuition tells you that the member can be trusted.

Never provide your password and set a password that is not easy to guess. Don't use the same password as your email address.

Before Meet

Learn as much as you can about the member before you meet. Communicate via email, instant messenger, or online chat before making a phone call. Don't give your phone number or personal contact information.

Please send more photos or photos from different periods to let you know what the member looks like and know more about the person.

When you decide to make an appointment, choose a public place with a large number of people and tell friends and family where you are going, so they know when you are coming home.

On a Dating

Take the time to get to know the person. Don't rush to the next stage.

When interacting with a member who is abroad, pay attention to cultural differences and spend time learning about the culture and what the member expects from the relationship. Spend as much time as possible getting to know each other and don't rely solely on emails and chats.

Before you want to take the relationship further, invest more time to learn more to avoid any costly mistakes.

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